Caves & Clouds

(photo: Anthony Mulcahy/Mulogrphy)

About Caves & Clouds

Band Members: Jo Kroger & E.W. Harris
Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
Sound: Sometimes dreamy, sometimes epic, always something.

Caves & Clouds is E.W. Harris & Jo Kroger, but it’s more than that. It’s an extension of an idea. Jo Kroger and E.W. Harris played many shows together, and even appeared on the same albums, before joining forces to become the band Caves & Clouds. Their debut album, “The Winter of our Discontent,” is just the beginning of their collaborative project. (header photo: Anthony Mulcahy/Mulogrphy)

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photo credits from top left: Anthony Mulcahy/Mulography; Giles Bertenshaw Photography; Anthony Mulcahy/Mulography; Steven Rosette; Jason Warner at Glasshertzzphoto (both solo pictures)

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